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The centre we've just moved to

We know it's not the same

The only thing that's been unchanged

I guess, is just the name


We used to form a circle

Not now, it makes us sad

We sit in rows, the view's not good

The acoustics are quite bad


With Blanche and James and Virgil

Then Neil and Mary C.

Lynette and Rau and Hillary

Not to mention Mary T.

Peter calls in, now and then

We've got Donna and Michelle

Plus Matthew E. and Julian

And Antonia, as well


There's Ian and there's Andrew

and last, not least, Maria

Don't think about the venue please 

It's you friends that give you cheer

There's so many, please forgive me

It's surely not a crime

If your name has not been mentioned

Perhaps it didn't rhyme!!

Let's not forget the helpers, too

Who lend a welcome hand

Like Marget L. the Jeans' as well

And Julian from the band


There's Barry P. and Mary B.

Margaret W. and Louise

And Rita, Barry's other half

Mrs Proctor, if you please!


Though change, sometimes, is difficult

Please, each and everyone

If you feel down, dont wear a frown

Just keep on having fun


And keep in mind, a final though

As this poem nears the end

Today's a new beginning

With your Celebration friends



A poem by Stewart Aspery

friend of Celebrations















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