Celebrations Theatrical Group is a Music and Theatre Group for Adults with learning disabilities who live in, or close to, the London Borough of Bexley.  The group is entirely self-funded and all our helpers and workers are volunteers. Celebrations is a charitable organisation recognised by the HMRC. We are grateful to friends and supporters who have given generous donations.


The Group's aim is for members to develop their individual musical and theatrical talents and to be able express themselves through music and drama performance. More recently, thanks to the financial support of friends, we have bought in specialists with expertise to help with the development of skills.  This has included drama skills and development, working with, and making puppets, dance, and the development of music and related skills. 


Additionally integration and inclusion are key focusses to the way Celebrations works. Our members are given the opportunity to perform on the live stage and other venues, and to produce and present shows. Above all, members can meet friends, share their ideas and have fun and enjoyment! 


The Group, lead by Julian Thornington, is based at the new Carlton Day Centre in Sidcup, Bexley, Kent. Celebrations is open to anyone with learning disabilities, who can attend the weekly sessions, and encompasses all skills and abilities. There is a weekly £2.00 refreshments fee. We are keen to welcome new members however, currently we are full but there is a waiting list to join!


Celebrations Theatrical Group.

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