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Celebrations group was originally formed in 2000 by Caroline McGonigle, who created the opportunity for members to meet and socialise with other people and to make and enjoy music. Caroline Walker then headed the group for a number of years developing public performances including annual shows at the Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford.  The group celebrated its 10th anniversary with a really enjoyable party held at the Metrogas Sports Centre in October 2010. 


In 2011 Celebrations moved its weekly sessions to the Carlton Resource Centre, where Julian Thorninton, who has been working with the group for a number of years became leader together with his wife Mary. They are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers and supporters. The group continues to present annual shows and from 2013 the productions resumed being staged at the Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford. The last show in October 2019, the "Good Ship Celebrations-a Pirate Adventure" was performed to a large audience of 220 at the Mick Jagger centre. 


The group is a charity recognised by HMRC and is currently applying for charity commission status. It has a management committee and appropriate policies with annual audited accounts. The club has an active and enthusiastic team of volunteers and since 2014 on the general committee the members have been represented by "shadow" officers.

Currently the group has some 45 members of all skills and abilities, which now means that we currently have a waiting list for membership. Please email for more information on our memberships. We always welcome new volunteers as our group is becoming very popular within the community 

The group has recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary 






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